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IWCBronze Award(2015)

Tasting notes
Tasting Notes

A lovely pale colour with hints of green. The bouquet is intense and rich, with a touch of vanilla and aromas of quince paste and brioche.
The velvety palate offers a mix of yellow fruit (peach, plum) and toasted notes, with a lovely fresh finish of roasted almonds. The Sauvignon endows it with its freshness and the Semillon with its roundness and velvety smoothness. At 12°C, Michel Lynch Réserve Blanc goes perfectly with asparagus and mousseline sauce, seafood platters, liver quenelles, grilled shad with sorrel or a crusty smoked-cheese fondue.

Product Features
Feature of product

Michel Lynch

Michel Lynch is an elegant and fruit-forward wine, a perfect reflection of its rich terroir, one of the most prestigious in the world.

This wine pays tribute to Michel Lynch, a name that is inextricably linked with the great wines of Bordeaux. Born in 1754, he devoted his life to improving the wines on his estate now known as Château Lynch-Bages. The wine that bears his name has passed through the hands of a renowned winemaking team. It is crafted from a selection of the Bordeaux vineyard’s noblest grapes, which have been harvested at maturity and carefully vinified.