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Breeze Shop
Shop Introduction

【Breeze Shop】 is in the Fuxing Breeze Department Store located on the 2nd floor of the basement which is a restaurant floor. Along with the intersection of Fuxing South Road and Civic Boulevard, you can reach this convenient department store. Those who take Metro can go to Exit 5 of Zhongxiao Fuxing Station on Bannan Line (Blue line) or Muzha Line (Brown Line), then walk for 10 minutes. Moreover, the bus stop is right at the door, so no matter where you come from, it is very convenient.

After shopping here or watching the film you feel a bit wanting to find a corner to enjoy food and drink a little wine, our shop can meet your satisfaction. Whether you are alone or with friends, the perfect drinking paradise is waiting for you. The food floor has international cuisines and diversified meals, which can be matched with our wines, whether red and white wine, sparkling wine. There are also many top-quality wines, which can be used as gifts, celebrations, and exclusives. The wine shop in the department store is a one-stop service because it combines shopping, leisure, catering, entertainment, and other multi-functions, allowing you to eat, drink and play once.

The main focus of Breeze Shop is to provide customers with "food pairing" services. The wide restaurants’ space, allowing people to enjoy the wine pairing while dining. Exotic dishes and bright design atmosphere, diversity of meals, and it is recommended to take a relaxing to drink wine without stress feeling. In addition, the main visual of this store has a large area of the fridge with a transparent window, storing an array of French Bordeaux wines with various styles, just like coming to the world of Bordeaux wine.

Evergreen Laurel Wine collection meets the various customer needs, you can see our thoughtful thoughts for every single customer.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 22:00

Saturday and Sunday: ​09:00 - 22:00

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