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An-He Shop
Shop Introduction

【安和門市/AN-HE SHOP】

AN-HE SHOP is located in Daan District and Xinyi District, which are in the best egg yolk districts in Taipei City, with the most prosperous downtown area and elegant scenery. There are many office buildings, financial centers and high-end residential areas in this area, the quality of life here is excellent.
The location of this shop is very convenient, it takes only one minute to walk to Xinyi Anhe Metro Station. Whether you want to have a drink after work or choose a few wines to take home, it is very fast and convenient.

Its biggest feature is the "wine cabinet rental service", which provides nearly a hundred wine cabinets of different specifications. Has a large and storage with a professional constant temperature system and humidity control, where provides storage protection for your wines, and also is the most reasonable rental price on the market.

Different types of seating areas to meet your different needs.

The table of the window side:
Whenever you pass Anhe Road, you would see a large French window with exquisite and elegant displays and thousands of high-quality wines, which are very eye-catching. This is our Anhe Shop.
If you arrive in the daytime, space would be as cozy as a quiet cafe, let you feel relaxing and elegantly. On the other hand, coming here in the evening, the street lights start to turn on with the whole street, the city scene becomes the fashion representative and the gorgeous. Whether it is daytime or evening, there are different sceneries, we are always waiting for you to explore.

Drinking party area:
The semi-open wine tasting table can accommodate 5-8 people. You can meet up with some friends and enjoy the joyful atmosphere surrounded by many wines. The glass of wine and the window scenery further outline the more beautiful and romantic at night.
In addition, this area often has occasional themed tasting meetings to expand your wine tasting aesthetics.

All in all, the Anhe shop is not only in a convenient location, but also offers the service of wine storage to meet the customer needs. Moreover, it creates an amazing decoration for our shop environment and provides high-quality service to every single guest.

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10:00-21:00

Sunday: 11:00-20:00

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