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Tasting notes
Tasting Notes

Colour is deep golden yellow. Nose of candied fruits and honey. Palate on the wine has an outstanding balance, concentrated and a great length. This wine can be kept more than 50 years.

Product Features
Feature of product

M. Chapoutier

The story began with Michel Chapoutier, a unique man with a thirst for knowledge, definitely one of a kind. Michel is openminded and always willing to learn. He seeks to discover and reflect the full potential of his terroirs and let the soils express their true character. That which gives the wines their signature style. This now forms the basis of the M. CHAPOUTIER ethos and our team strives to reveal the very best of what the soils have to offer.

Vineyard & Vinification

The winemaking process of the Vin de Paille finds its roots in the vineyard of the Hermitage. In order to revive this tradition, Michel Chapoutier has decided, since 1990, to devote a part of white Hermitage crop to raisining on straw bed. The crop is harvested by successive sortings and then dried on a straw bed for almost two months before pressing. The obtained must has a minimum concentration of 360 g of sugar per liter. After fermentation, the actual alcohol content is close to 15% vol for a residual sugar amount of 105 g per liter. Fermentation and ageing are entirely performed in oak casks. Bottling is carried out 24 months later.