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Bordeaux Region and the fantastic 2020 En Primeur

(Bordeaux map)
(Bordeaux map)

About Bordeaux Region

The Bordeaux terroir which closes to the river with a long history, and has developed into the largest vineyard in France, becoming one of the most famous wine-producing regions in the world. The vineyards are mainly surrounded by three rivers, namely Gironde, Garonne, and Dordogne. These three rivers define the three major regions of Bordeaux, like Left Bank, Right Bank, and Entre-Deux-Mers.

【Left Bank】
The "Left Bank" is located on the left side of the Garonne River, from Medoc to Graves is 160 kilometers, and the main red grape is "Cabernet Sauvignon", this grape character is with black fruity flavour and strong Tannin, this wine can age quite long, and also you can find the France top 5 Grand Cru Classe winery.

【Right Bank】
The "Right Bank" is located on the east side of the Dordogne River, which is a cooler inland area. It is located in the town of Libourne, The well-known region is Saint-Emilion and Pomerol where the soil is a mixture of gravel and clay, suitable for the growth of easy-to-ripen Merlot red grape varieties. The grape style is smooth, sweet, and mature blackberry aroma with high alcohol, tannins Silky and easy to drink early.

【The between of two rivers】
"Between the two rivers" is located at the intersection of the Garonne and the Dordogne. It has a vast area, large undulations, and diverse soils. It is the largest wine-growing area of ​​Bordeaux vineyards. the wine style is a fresh and light body, a soft and pleasant taste. It is the important white wine production in Bordeaux.

(Wine Oak barrel)
(Wine Oak barrel)

Bordeaux 2020 En Primeur

Every April coming out, many of Bordeaux's wineries will make the wine to hold the wine tasting event, inviting the famous wine critics, important wineries, and buyers to try. wineries are waiting for aging, at the same time, also selling the『 Semi-finished products』for their wine.

For hard-working wine farmers, they can get a return fast if they sell their wine earlier. On the other hand, the buyers can gain cheaper prices for wine and also "EX-Chateau", which means the winery would send directly to your location. So people can buy better quality wine but the price is much cheaper.

(Wine bottle cork)
(Wine bottle cork)

Vintage Report of Bordeaux 2020

In the year 2020, although the weather was not really stable, it still produces high-quality wine, that deserves to be drink.

The outstanding year of 2020 for Bordeaux wine

The famous wine critic "James Suckling", and the legend Michel Rolland At the same time, he left a favorable comment for the 2020 year. This year of wine makes collectors and investors have a high expectation for it.

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